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Rajat is an outstanding creator! I couldn’t have found anyone better to work with me and help create the vision I had in mind. From the beginning Rajat took me step by step and took all my ideas, every little detail to the font, color scheme, layout. He understood the “feel” I wanted to have when I opened my website. He patiently guided me and gave me the know how I would never know about since I’m not very techie. He helped me see any blind spots and added value as he would make great ideas and recommendations. Rajat was a partner in my vision and we will continue building on my business growth by having the next step ready with added features for the coming months. He knows his stuff! I feel very comfortable continuing to work with Rajat all the way across the world as he is prompt, understanding, patient and most of off super competent. I’m very proud of the final product and Rajat played a major role to getting me there, he would prompt me to the next step and kept me on task as website creation was challenging for me. Before I met Rajat I had a self-made website, unless you know what you’re doing I don’t recommend that at all!! Once you see the quality that can be achieved by using a professional creator you will never consider self-made anything. Rajat took my website to the next professional level, the website is functional, in two languages and it has so many great features plus it can be built on as your business grows. Talk to Rajat, only a professional can truly get you the big business looking website but at an accessible budget, it is worth every dollar. I hope all my contacts consider you for their projects and they may be as happy with their website as me.

Maribel Corona, Minds In Action Counseling


Minds In Action Counseling provides services in Rasor Boulevard, Plano, Texas for Couples, Individuals, Parents, Professionals, and more with slogan “A Place to Feel, Think and Grow”.

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